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About Vehicle Fabrication Internship

The vehicle fabrication workshop for college students typically involves a multi-day program that provides students with hands-on training and instruction on how to design and build a vehicle from scratch. During the workshop, students learn about various components and systems that go into a vehicle, such as an engine, transmission, suspension, and steering. They could also learn about the materials and tools used in the fabrication process, as well as the safety and regulations related to building and testing a vehicle. The workshop was structured as a team-based program, with each team working to design and build their vehicle. The teams did receive guidance and mentorship from experienced professionals, who did help them navigate the technical challenges of vehicle design and construction. Over the course of the 8-day workshop, students received instruction on various fabrication techniques, such as welding, machining, and assembly. They also received instruction on the use of specialized tools and equipment, such as bending machines, grinding machines, metal cutters, power tools, and measuring devices. In addition to technical instruction, the workshop also focused on critical soft skills like teamwork, project management, and problem-solving. Students could work together to develop their own project plans, assign tasks, and track progress toward their goals. At the end of the workshop, the teams could showcase their completed vehicles and demonstrate their knowledge and skills to their peers and instructors. This could be a valuable experience that helps prepare them for careers in engineering or related fields. Overall, a vehicle fabrication workshop for college students provided valuable hands-on experience and exposure to industry-standard tools and techniques. It also helped students develop important skills like problem-solving, project management, and teamwork, which could benefit them in their future careers.

Programme Schedule

Day 1Introduction and theory of automobiles
Day 2Familiarisation of vehicle parts and design calculation
Day 3Design calculation and introduction of design software
Day 4Design software (Solidworks) and analysis
Day 5 - Day 8Fabrication of vehicle

Programme Summary

Eight days of internship training on Gasoline & Electric formula race car design and development was provided for two batches of students (132 students) of which 132 were from KMEA Engineering college. The workshop provided amble hands-on experience for the students in design calculations, solid modeling in CAD software, grinding-cutting-drilling- welding-bending operations, final assembling of parts, paneling and also painting of the vehicle. Students received real life experience on automobile industrial scenario. They obtained proper guidance and the knowledge for designing and fabricating a race car. They were also given a technical exposure on the various activities being conducted by international professional bodies like SAE, ASME, etc around the globe. The workshop further helped in building team work, leadership skills, management skills, design development skills, project planning etc.