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Centre for Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Entrepreneurship (CARE) Lab

KMEA-CARE Lab is designed for meeting the future requirements of B.Tech, M. Tech and PhD programs. This lab is envisaged as a self-reliant facility by conducting training programs, funded projects and collaborated research/product development with industries.

Primary Objectives Are:

  1.  Conduct add-on courses
  2. Interdisciplinary projects
  3. Apply for project funding
  4. Product development in collaboration with industries
  5. Placement training activities
  6. Training programs for schools to attract more brilliant students
  7. Conduct paid training programs for students from other institutions
  8. Industry-collaborated training programs and courses
  9. Act as a bridge for offering industry internships for students
In a common Robotics, AI, IoT, and High-Performance Computer Lab facility within an engineering college, various engineering branches collaborate to achieve the lab’s goals and objectives related to these cutting-edge technologies. Each engineering branch brings unique expertise and skills that contribute to the overall success of the lab and its research and development activities.

e-Yantra Robotics Lab

KMEA e-Yantra Robotics Lab is an e-yantra Lab Setup Initiative (eLSI) by IIT Bombay sponsored by Ministry of Education (MoE) with the objective to spread the education of embedded systems and robotics across India. We are one among the 385+ robotics labs established all over India under this scheme. Through the e-Yantra robotics lab, we aim to showcase our students’ innovative ideas throughout India via e-Yantra national competitions.The chosen students would also have the opportunity to enrol in a summer internship programme at IIT Bombay in the field of robotics.

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