The students of the college are bound to follow and obey the rules and regulations issued by the  College Authorities from time to time.

Rules and regulations

To uphold and protect the interest of the college, each student of the institution must adhere to the
instructions given below :-

  1. All students must wear the uniform proposed by the college on the campus. This is applicable even in the absence of regular classes.
  2. On rainy days, the students are allowed to wear rain shoes.
  3. All boys must crop and keep their hair short and neatly shave their face.
  4. All the students must hang their identity cards from their neck and ensure that the details on the card are displayed.
  5. Normal working hours of the college is from 9 am to 4.15 pm. Late arrival and / or early leaving is not permitted either from the class or the laboratory without prior written permission.
  6. Students while in the class rooms should be attentive and must maintain strict silence and discipline while the lecture is going on. Students will not be allowed to enter or move out during the course of teaching.
  7. Students are expected to read notices / circulars displayed on the college notice board. Ignorance of not reading any notice / circulars thus displayed shall not be accepted as an excuse failing to comply with the directions in it.
  8. Students are expected to use courteous and polite language with conversing with the members of the staff and maintain decorum on and off the campus.
  9. Educational guidelines and orders of restrictions imposed by the college authorities / concerned staff members must be followed by each student.
  10. Application for leave for three or more days necessitates a sanction from HOD supported by proof of justification duly endorsed by the parent/ guardian. It should be noted that a 75% of overall attendance is the minimum requirement to appear for the University examination. Duty leave for those who have been assigned activities of college will be considered provided an application is submitted in time through the HOD.
  11. Tuition fees, university special fees, examination fees etc. must be remitted on time at the college office/the office specified without fail as per the notification from the office.
  12. All the students shall bring scientific non programmable calculators every day. They should also bring drawing instruments, charts, data book, etc.. whenever needed. They should avoid borrowing these items from other students or try to produce them after coming to the college.
  13. Ragging or eve teasing in any form is strictly prohibited both inside and outside the college. In case of such heinous actions are noticed it will be considered very serious and further action as proposed by law will be taken at the earliest.
  14. Use or possession of mobile phone is totally prohibited inside the campus. Refer to Circulars to that released by the Government dated 03/03/2010 and 26/03/2010 available in the office for reference.
  15. Use of Walkman or other portable music players, gadgets other than required and approved by the college for the learning process, still or motion camera etc is prohibited inside the campus.
  16. As a part of general discipline of the college, the students must avoid roaming around verandahs, sitting on parapet and dirtying the walls. It is the duty of every individual to maintain neatness or appearance of the institution.
  17. Students should not destroy, damage, deface or remove the college property. They should not disturb or injure a person under the pretext of celebrating / inducting / pledging or any other reason like rivalry etc.
  18. Do not use chewing bubble gum, chocolate, etc.. inside the class rooms.
  19. Smoking, usage of intoxicating items like, “panmasala” etc are strictly prohibited on the campus.
  20. Do not collect money from students for any purpose without the approval of college authorities.
  21. Students functions, parties, meeting, etc.. shall be arranged on the campus only with prior written approval from the Principal. They should maintain discipline and cleanliness while conducting the functions.
  22. Do not smear colored powder and splash color water in the guise of festivals and functions on or during any other occasion in the hostel or college campus.
  23. Do not scribble on desks, black board or walls of the college. The cost of any damage so caused will be recovered from the students collectively if the responsibility cannot be fixed on any individual or groups.
  24. Students should deposit the waste packets, papers, wrappers, etc.. into the dust bins provided and do not carry with them or throw away.
  25. Until further orders , all students except 1st years are allowed to use their two wheelers to commutate between their place of residence and college. Such vehicles must be parked at designated scooter parking sheds before 9 am and vacate between 4:15 pm and 4:50 pm. Violating this may cause cancellation of the permission.
    i. KMEA Engineering College vehicles pass must be pasted and displayed on the vehicle.
    ii. The vehicle pass will be issued free of cost from the college, only once.
    iii. The vehicle pass can be availed from the college office up on submission of approved application duly endorsed by the parent the form provided from the College Principal supported by copies of vehicle registration certificate and driving license
    iv. Student are not permitted to take vehicles out during lunch break.
    v. Students must use helmets and follow the rules and regulation of the Motor Vehicles Department while driving and more than one person on a two wheeler is not permitted. If any of the above instructions is violated, the vehicle will be seized and strict action including withdrawal of permission to use the two wheelers on the campus will be taken.
  26. Use of the college name ‘KMEA Engineering College’ or showing affiliations to it in any social media networks shall only be to uphold the decency and decorum of the institution. Postings in pages of such networks neither be in any manner to insult nor to defame any body or shall not use offensive language of any nature at any time.
  27. Help to maintain the beauty , serenity and greenery of the campus.
  28. In addition to the rules and regulations stated above new rules and regulations will be enforced from time to time to maintain campus discipline and to meet the objectives of the campus.
  29. Not withstanding anything contained in these rules, the decision of the authorities of the college in all matters shall be final and binding.

Academic Submissions

Submission of Assignments and Notes

The students should hand over the assignments and notes in the morning itself on the specified date to the class representative. The concerned faculty should make arrangements to collect the same during the lunch break or before, on the same day itself. The student who could not do so shall give their assignments / class noted directly to the faculty on the very next class of him/her. Such submissions will be treated as delayed submissions. The student who do not submit even during the second chance, will not be given any credit on the said assignment

Submission of Work record and Fair record.

The students should get the laboratory/ workshop observation/ work record signed by the faculty in charge before leaving the lab/workshop class. If this could not be done a grace period of one day will be given by the faculty, on genuine grounds. Thereafter , on the next lab/ workshop class fair record of the previous work should be submitted for evaluation and shall be taken back within two days. The work record and fair records shall not be brought to the Faculty room. Late submission will carry negative marks.

Submission of Student Requests

The student shall submit notes and requests written on white A4 size paper. Use only blue or black ink. If there is more than one sheet, the submissions should be tied together or stapled. Do not use pin. All papers submissions are to be routed through the mentor.

Re test for Internal Examinations

When a student is unable to attend a series test for genuine reasons he/she will permitted by the principal to do a retest subject to the fulfilment of the requirements for the same. Such students are required to get their requests for retests recommended by the class mentors, HOD and the UG Dean and submit to the Principal within five working days from the date of examination concerned or the date when student report to the College next. Such requests for retests shall be accompanied by the a written statement indicating the reasons for the absence of the student by the parent / Guardian. Delayed requests will not be entertained under any circumstances.

Entry in to the faculty room

The students should enter into faculty room in proper uniform and only during the intervals for clarification of doubts following queue system. Entering in groups, shouting or making noises inside the faculty room is strictly disallowed.

Follow up of Academic Management System(AMS) Entries

Discrepancies in fields of entry in the AMS portal shall immediately be brought to the the attention of the faculty or the mentor concerned. Delayed requests beyond seven calendar days may not be entertained.

Checking of Semester End Internal Assessment Marks

The students shall verify the semester end internal assessment marks published on the college Notice Board and the discrepancies , if found, shall be brought to the attention of the concerned HOD within three days from the date publication.